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There are no restrictions on learner entry level to these qualifications. However, we would advise students new to the subject to start at Level One as this will give a good grounding in the main concepts of Canine Behaviour.

We also recommend that students have some form of prior qualification or experience before starting Level Three.

    Level       Intellectual skills & abilities                Processes                                      Accountability                                Credits        Hours


Employ a narrow range of applied knowledge and basic comprehension.

Demonstrate a narrow range of skills.

Apply known solutions to familiar problems.

Present and record information from readily available sources.

Show basic competence in a limited range of predictable and structured contexts.

Utilise a clear choice of routine responses.

Co-operate with others.

Exercise a very limited degree of discretion and judgement about possible actions.

Carry out responsibility for quality and quantity of output.

Operate under direct supervision and quality control.




Apply knowledge with underpinning comprehension in a number of areas.

Make comparisons.

Interpret available information.

Demonstrate a range of skills.

Choose from a range of procedures performed in a number of contexts, some of which may be non-routine.

Co-ordinate with others.

Undertake directed activity with a degree of autonomy.

Achieve outcomes within time constraints.

Accept increased responsibility for quantity and quality of output subject to external quality checking.




Apply knowledge and skills in a range of complex activities, demonstrating comprehension of relevant theories.

Access and evaluate information independently.

Analyse information and make reasoned judgements.

Employ a range of responses to well defined but often unfamiliar or unpredictable problems.

Operate in a variety of familiar and unfamiliar contexts using a range of technical or learning skills.

Select from a considerable choice of procedures.

Give presentations to an audience.

Engage in self directed activity with guidance/ evaluation.

Accept responsibility for quality and quantity of output.

Accept limited responsibility for the quantity and quality of output from others.




What are these levels equivalent to?


Typically, 9 credits of units at Level One will be an equivalent level and quantity of work as an NVQ level 1.

15 credits of units at Level 3 will be an equivalent level and quantity of work as an NVQ level 3 or to ‘A’ Level standard.


The OCN is approved by Ofqual as a national Awarding Organisation, and is licenced by the QAA and NOCN, ensuring your course is standardized with National Qualifications.

Which level is right for me?

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