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The Lupine Dog

While the wolf has inspired our imaginations for generations, it is generally unwise and unkind to consider keeping one in your home! The British Lupine Wolfdog is a robust, athletic & happy wolf-look-alike dog - the ideal companion for the experienced, active home. The Breed is generally non-guarding, playful & intelligent, and they thrive on positive interaction and training.


All our breeding British Lupine wolf look-alike dogs are fully assessed and evaluated for health and temperament and are registered with the breed organisation.

The British Lupine Club holds a registry to support responsible breeders and owners of wolf-look-alike dogs who retain this natural health and appearance, but which have been bred and raised as family dogs with excellent temperaments.   ‘B.E.S.T.’ Ethical Breeders Standard ensures all puppies are the ‘creme-de-la-creme’of natural-type companion dogs.

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The ‘British Lupine’ is an exciting breeding programme aimed at preserving the natural health and vitality of the domestic dog by undoing the damage done by breeding for extremism and inbreeding. The goal is to combine the best qualities from a variety of rare bloodlines available in the UK and Internationally. Unique to British Lupines, there is an outright ban on kennel breeding, each dog is assessed for health, type and temperament as an adult, and puppies must be raised in a home environment, making it one of the most stringent breeding schemes available to date. The ‘B.E.S.T.’ Ethical Breeders standard’ ethics and home puppy rearing code ensures every puppy has the best start, ready to become your perfect family companion.


To find out more about the British Lupine Gold Standard, check out their